Friday, May 4, 2007

Use seaweed to stimulate your immune system

Japanese seaweed possesses remarkable immunizing properties,
especially in fighting cancer. Japanese researchers at the University of
Kitasato have discovered 6 kinds of seaweed which inhibit the
growth of colon cancer cells in rats, notably two types of Laminaria.
Laminaria extract has proven 70% to 84% effective in suppressing
intestinal tumors.

Wakame, another Japanese seaweed, is now familiar to many
Westerners, thanks to the arrival in the west of Japanese macrobiotic
cooking, which uses it a lot.

Pharmacologists at the University of Hawaii injected rats with an
extract of this substance. They found that the seaweed helped prevent
and cure cancer. The researchers claim that Wakame fights cancer by
activating and strengthening the immune system. It can be found in
most health food stores.

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