Friday, May 4, 2007

A few tricks for treating insect bites

You don’t have to sit back and just passively put up with insects,
especially those that like to bite (mosquitoes, wasps etc.). Eat
asparagus and your sweat will develop an odor that repels insects. Or
apply lemon oil to your skin.

If you are bitten, there are natural substances to soothe the
irritation. Aloe vera has extraordinary powers of soothing skin
disorders. It is available in forms for both internal and external
application in most health and beauty stores.

If you have one of these amazing plants growing at home, cut the
tip off one of the leaves (the leaf will heal itself). Apply the pulp and
juice to the itching or swollen area.

Lightly boiled cabbage or leek makes an excellent analgesic
poultice. Of course, if you are hiking in the woods, you might have a
little trouble finding cabbage! Plantain also works well. Cut it and rub
it to get to the juice then apply it to the affected area.

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