Friday, May 4, 2007

Treat diarrhea without medication

If you have ever been to a tropical country, you have probably
experienced diarrhea: frequent and uncontrolled evacuation of liquid
stool caused by bacteria in local water, milk or food.

Diarrhea can also be caused at home by excesses in diet (a diet
that is too rich) or an allergic reaction to certain foods or medication
or even by stress.

To treat diarrhea, avoid all solid food on the first day. Drink
liquids like water, apple juice, meat or vegetable boullion and tea.
These will compensate for your loss of water - dehydration being one
of the main dangers of diarrhea - and will give your intestines a
period of rest.

If you have stomach cramps, rub your hands together for about a
minute. Then place both palms on your abdominal region. The heat
will soothe the pain.

On the second day, eat small quantities of solid food. Among the
least irritating are cooked cereals (especially rice), biscuits and soft
boiled eggs.

You can also try charcoal. It comes in tablet or capsule form (you
can also get it off burnt toast!)

Chinese medicine has always considered ginger one of the best
remedies for diarrhea. Dilute a tablespoon in hot water and
add honey.

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