Friday, May 4, 2007

Losing weight: The Pakistani method

Pakistani women have an amazing trick they use to stay slim: they
keep a string permanently tied around their forearms. According to
Dr. Drupas, a gentle but constant pressure on the nerves in the
forearm stimulates certain glands, particularly those involved in
weight control (thyroid, suprarenals).

Why don’t you try it? Find two ordinary rubber bands and place
them around your right forearm, one third of the way up between your
wrist and elbow.

The rubber bands should exert noticeable pressure without cutting
off blood circulation and should not slip or slide when you move
your arm. This is not a tourniquet!

For best results, you have to wear the rubber bands constantly,
even at night when you sleep. It is also recommended not to wear any
other jewelry on the right arm.

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