Friday, May 4, 2007

How to prevent motion sickness - naturally

Did you know that half a teaspoon of ground ginger is more
effective than chemical medication in suppressing motion or sea
sickness? And unlike most medication, it will not make you drowsy.
Ginger has been used in the Orient for centuries to prevent sea

Researchers asked subjects who were especially susceptible to
motion sickness to sit in a reclining chair that spun around at high
speed. All the subjects who ingested a well known medication or
who took a placebo experienced violent nausea and/or vomiting.
On the other hand, six of the twelve subjects who took ginger
twenty minutes before the test experienced no discomfort. They
consumed only 840 milligrams of ground ginger, which is the
equivalent of half a teaspoon.

The Japanese have a very curious method of treating all kinds of
motion sickness. They use an adhesive plaster to fasten an
“umeboshi” (a very salty fermented plum, available in most health
food stores in the West) to their navel. The idea may seem a little
strange, but what have you got to lose!

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