Thursday, March 22, 2007

6. FOOD, I'm hungry

FOOD, I'm hungry

Of course you must be hungry, when you arrive. God knows what you ate on the plane. You don't remember the neither item's name nor its contents. It may be one of the weirdest things you ever had for dinner or lunch. So you must be apprehensive about what you will get for lunch or dinner. The best thing you can try is PIZZA, which is pronounced as "PiTza".

You get both Veg. and NonVeg Pizzas. But to be on the safer side order a Veg. Pizza that way you won't be left hungry at least. Order a small pizza if you are alone or a medium size is enough for two or three (well it depends on your appetite actually). You can order pizza by phone and it will be delivered at your doorstep in a few minutes. Refer to the yellow pages or consult the motel receptionist you are staying in, for information.

For breakfast, have 'Continental breakfast' which is cheap and the best. To be sure about Veg. items, always ask for items with "NO MEAT" rather than "WITHOUT MEAT". Be sure to say "NO ICE" if you prefer to have your drink without ice. And remember that a CHEESEBURGER is a misnomer. It contains meat besides cheese, so be careful!

Here is a guide for Vegetarian Dishes which i heard from my colleques during my visit

Mexican : Bean Buritto, Enchiladas, Bean Taco, Cheese Taco, Bean Tostadas, And Mexican Pizza
Italian or Greek : Eggplant (brinjal) sandwich, Spaghetti with tomato sauce, Lasagna (pronounced Laza-nya), Italian Pitza, Italian Pasta with tomato sauce, Falafal, Veg. Gyro (pronounced Yero).
Denny's : Vegetable omelette (with eggs)Vegetable lunch/dinner (salad, potato smash, garlic sauce) Broccoli soup
American Restaurants (Sizzler, Olive Garden) : Best bet is salad bar & French fries
McDonald's : Mac cheese sandwich, Milk shakes, ice-cream sundaes
Pizza Hut : Veggie Lover's delight, Veggie pizza with a choice of toppings such as Jalapenos (pronounced Hala-pin-yose and are green chilies), pineapple, tomato, onions etc.
Burger King : Vege cheese whooper, Garden burger

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