Friday, March 30, 2007

21.AAA Membership

AAA Membership

We wanted to mention this specially 'cause its very helpful for a person who is new to U.S. AAA read as 'triple A' stands for "American Automobile Association" is an auto club, which provides you with all kinds of tour, and travel information. It provides you with all the maps and travel guides, which you will need. It also has services like towing, opening your car door lock in case you get locked out, emergency help and so on. Being a member of this club also gets you concession for motel booking and rental cars.

There is a yearly fee for all these services, which they provide, and if you believe us, "It's more than worth it".

So we think its a good idea to be a member of this club. It will help you in traveling, which of course you will do once you get here.

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