Monday, March 26, 2007



The American system of sizes and measurement is different from that in India. Most of the shops in the U.S. are the equivalents of super markets in India. You can go around the shop, buy what you want and pay at the counter. The important difference you will notice is, the shops are driven by customer service. So if you don't like anything that you boughtor it doesn't fit you properly you may return it within a certain period allowed. You should inquire about the return policy when you buy returnable goods. Of course you need to preserve the receipt of the purchase. Most of the time they won't even ask you why you want to return the goods.

When you buy shoes, the size should be 1/2 more than your size in India. For example, if you buy size 9 in India, you should buy size 9 1/2 in the US.(Or approximate it to the nearest round figure).

Following measurement chart will help you in converting between American system and metric system.
Metric Conversion Chart
Millimeters x 0.04 = inches (in) inches x 2.5 = centimeters

Centimeters x 0.4 = inches (in) feet x 30 = centimeters

Meters x 3.3 = feet yards x 0.9 = meters

Kilometers x 1.1 = yards miles x 1.6 = kilometers

Grams x 0.035 = ounces ounces x 28 = grams

Kilograms x 2.2 = pounds pounds x 0.45 = kilograms

Milliliters x 0.3 = fluid ounces fluid ounces x 30 = milliliters

Liters x 1.06 = quarts quarts x 0.95 = liters

Liters x 0.26 = gallons gallons x 3.8 = liters

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