Friday, March 23, 2007

10. Initial Package from DCI

Initial package from DCI

NOTE: The first official thing you should do without being asked to, is to apply for your Social Security Number - details are given in this doc.

After arriving in USA one gets a package from DCI. This package consists of different types of forms. The most important one being the Medical Insurance form. Don't be careless about this, make sure to fill and return it soon.

After receiving this package one should sign all the forms and send it back to DCI as soon as possible. This package consists of following documents.

Personal details
In this form you need to fill up all your personal information, which is required for official purposes.

Passport details
In this form you are expected to furnish all your passport details. Away from business expenses form : One is supposed to fill up this form at the end of every month. We get our salary in two parts. One is Salary or Allowance and the other part is the reimbursement of the expenses incurred. Your area coordinator will inform you about what amount you can claim etc. It depends on the position and the class of city you are in.

Couple of memos
These memos inform you about certain rules.

Medical insurance registration form
(MOST IMPORTANT FORM) This form you are supposed to send to the medical insurance company. It needs routine personal information. In two weeks of time you will receive your medical insurance card, which will cover most of your medical expenses in the U.S. But be sure you understand what is covered under this scheme and what is not.

You are supposed to send all these forms and memos ASAP. Couples of these forms require your Social Security number. If you have not yet received your social security number then leave that place tentatively blank in your forms and you can inform DCI about it later, when you get one.

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