Wednesday, March 21, 2007

1. Luggage

The carry baggage is the biggest problem while coming to U.S. What to carry? How much to carry? Do I carry more woolen clothes 'cause its cold out there? Well, we all think, it depends!!

Don't carry too many heavy utensils, cooker etc. You can buy most of the utensils there. They are not costly and you don't have to carry much. You can carry some spices with you if you want to, 'cause after going there you may start missing the Indian food taste. Make sure you get a cooker though, if you need one, because, they can get expensive in the U.S..

Don't carry too many warm clothes (unless you are going there in winter), or sports shoes etc. It would be better if you buy them after going there. That way you can buy the latest style. But you should carry leather shoes from India, since leather items are costly in the U.S. Rest, it all depends on you and your needs!!

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